What’s Your Pandemic Video Strategy?

With the fits and starts of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders during this pandemic, the “rules” of business development, new customer acquisition and overall marketing have been thrown off-balance. The old methods are not going to produce the results you desire and expect.

Buried inside this bad news is plenty of good news – if you dig deep enough to uncover it.

Currently there is a golden opportunity to use video as a primary means of customer engagement, communication and retention during this public health pandemic.

It is time to innovate. A Video Strategy.

pandemic_videoIt is time to shake things up and approach your challenges from a different angle. Every forward thinking company realizes that consumer behaviors and expectations have changed and they may never return to the predictable models that we have depended upon.

For instance, If you are in a business that depended upon cars driving by to feed your awareness and location traffic, you best forget that approach. As recently as April 2020, the US DOT reports the total number of road miles driven is down by almost 40%. Ouch.

Predictably, online consumption patterns are showing dramatic changes as well. Everyone is online, and people are craving information, quality content, and essentially looking to feel connected. Even with their feeds and in-boxes more flooded than ever, videos that truly standout and connect with consumers are actually craved.

Be Empathetic without being Opportunistic.

Not only are people hungry for content, the pandemic allows them time to consume it. Spending more time at home, consumers are free to consume media at will. This is a huge opportunity to communicate – and, video is the media that conveys familiarity, likability and, most importantly, trust.

Overall, your video approach should be considerate and helpful. Avoid “pitching” and being an opportunist. Stay true and authentic – and, show empathy by acknowledging consumers’ fears and hesitations. Some consumers are genuinely fearful of face-to-face contacts. Using video and offering video chats helps to soften their fears.

Further Good News: Some sectors are quite fortunate that the pandemic is actually a boost to their business.

Our clients in the home services, home improvement and recreational sectors have learned this first hand. Consumers are spending more time in their homes than ever before. They stare at old wall colors, drafty windows, or backyards where a pool could be built – and, they take some action. Leads are unprecedented for our clients in these fields.

Video is not the magic element of their current success. However, all are using integrated videos somewhere in their marketing approach to stay in contact, build awareness and ask to provide a service.

Formulate a Video Strategy.

The pandemic will not last forever. But, it may forever impact consumer behaviors and decision making. Let SteerPoint Media help you designs and implement a video strategy to sustain your company through these current rough waters – and, successfully navigate your future.