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Using Drones in Your Video Marketing

Some of us here at SteerPoint are old enough to remember. If you “needed” an aerial photograph you chartered an aircraft, booked a photographer and hoped it would be a sunny day. The term “needed” was accurate; aerial images were once reserved for land developers, city planners, manufacturing expansions and high-end brochures and expensive promotional pieces. It was always a complicated and expensive undertaking. Not so today with the ubiquity of drones.

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What’s Your Pandemic Video Strategy?

With the fits and starts of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders during this pandemic, the “rules” of business development, new customer acquisition and overall marketing have been thrown off-balance. The old methods are not going to produce the results you desire and expect. Currently there is a golden opportunity to use video as a primary means of customer engagement, communication and retention during this public health pandemic.

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Creating Long Term Brand Assets

A strong and compelling video that tells your unique story is a quantifiable asset of your business. Just like your logo, the sign on your building, your company website or even the informal brand messages you share into your marketplace, a brand video is long-term and durable asset.

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